Gambleblog – 2015 Quick Bets


Something you must know about Puck Paddy….he likes to gamble away his hard-earned currencies on sporting events. Perhaps this is not surprising given his name is similar to that of a well-known Irish bookmaker, and the fact that he is Irish. 

Gambleblog – Quick Bets

Fortunately for me, I’ve been able to make some nice bets on some hockey games over the last few weeks and months that I ought to share. Take a look into these short-term and longer-term bets, if you please:

Toronto Maple Leafs Goals per Game: Take the Over 5.5

From Thursday, November 6th until Saturday, December 6th the Leafs played 14 hockey games. Of those 14, 12 games were over 5.5 goals. One of them was exactly 5 goals, and one was a measly 3. This is a bet I just love to take, because even when they don’t make it, they get damn close. I much prefer the bet when they are at home as they’re more likely to get the goals themselves in the Air Canada Center, but as long as Randy Carlyle is coach I would ride the heck out of this, especially if Reimer is in goal.

Russia to beat Canada tonight in the IIHF World Juniors Final

Unpopular Opinion Alert! Canada have looked sensational in pretty much of all of their games so far, but here’s what I’m riding: they haven’t been challenged properly yet, they have been beaten in the recent past by Russia, and they’re kids who might just crack under the pressure of the home crowd and all the expectation that goes with it. They’re odds on favourite and I think it’s going to be a closer game than the bookies are saying, plus Russia has dug deep for some big results against a Swedish side that are actually quite similar to Canada. I’m intrigued!

The ‘Peg to take down San Jose Tonight

I had the pleasure of watching Winnipeg play Toronto at the weekend, and Dustin Byfuglin is just destroying right now. San Jose got spanked by St. Louis a couple of nights ago and they’re just so up-and-down that I don’t know what to believe of them, so why not just take the Jets who are looking strong as heck tonight and cheer on the little guy.


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